If you are a full time employee with EBRPSS, you are eligible to participate in a voluntary 403B or 457 Plan. EBRPSS does not contribute to these plans. It is 100% employee contributions.

What is a 403B Plan?

A 403B Plan is a tax-deferred retirement plan available to employees of public educational institutions and certain tax-exempt organizations. A 403B Plan allows you to make pre-tax contributions by convenient payroll reduction and save that money for your retirement.

What is a 457 Plan?

A 457 Plan is a type of deferred pay compensations plan. Contributions are also made on a pre-tax basis.

How to contact Valic:

Josh Yankowsky is the EBRPSS account representative. He can assist with enrolling, making changes, stopping deductions as well as answering any questions about IRS defined rules and regulations. His contact information is noted below:

Phone: (225)288-0537
Email: Josh.Yankowsky@valic.com